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Are You Looking To Upsize?

If you have decided 2020 is the year you change your home, now is the best time to start planning. Whether you want to move as soon as possible, or you are content to move later on this year, there is no time like the present to start the process.

If you want to sell your home, you are advised to start the decluttering process as quickly as possible. The more space you create at home, the more appealing your property will be to prospective buyers. Also, the more items you remove from your home now, the fewer items you need to take with you when you do move. This can make life a lot easier!

Are You Looking To Upsize? Prestige & Village

However, while you need to think about the sales process, you will want to consider your new home. You need to ask yourself some questions about why you want to move, and what sort of home is best for you.

Determine your reasons for upsizing

If you think your property seems smaller, or you would greatly benefit from an extra bedroom or another bathroom, upsizing is likely to be a smart move. There has been a lot of talk about the impact of downsizing in the property market, and for some people, that is the ideal move to make.

However, it may be upsizing is the right move for you and your loved ones. You aren’t alone in this, so the more you can clarify what you need in your new home, the more straightforward the process of looking for a new house will be.

Make sure you have the finances in place

Moving home is expensive, and moving to a larger home may place you under pressure. The value of your current home is likely to have an impact on what you can afford. It stands to reason that a larger home will be more expensive, so you may need to commit to a larger mortgage, which includes larger payments each month.

Of course, there are many factors involved with house prices, so this may not be the case. The area you buy in, and the condition of the property will also affect house prices, so you may be able to find a larger home at no extra cost.

Create a budget which is right for you

You should create a budget that you are comfortable with, and you should speak with mortgage and finance experts. This guidance will ensure you make an informed decision about your next foray into the property market. Even if upsizing is the right move for you and your loved ones to make, you need to ensure it is a move you can afford financially.

It pays to think about the long-term impact this move will have on you and your loved ones. For many families, upsizing is the ideal move, but you need to ensure it works for you.

If you plan on moving, contact Prestige & Village, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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