Buy & Sell Luxury House & Villa in France

Owning a home in France is a dream for many people in the UK, and purchasing a luxury villa or house abroad need not be a nightmare! There are unique challenges involved with the French housing market, but Prestige & Villa are experienced estate agents when it comes to buying homes in France.

If you want expert advice on the French house buying process, look no further than estate agents who have helped many families move abroad. At Prestige & Villa, we know the French housing market inside out.

How Prestige & Villa help people buy property in France

If you are keen to step on the property ladder in France, you need help from an estate agent with a track record in concluding property deals for luxury homes and villas. We take the stress out of buying an overseas home, making the buying process simpler for you and your loved ones.

We take you through the home buying experience from start to end, and we will connect you with trusted professionals in France. As you’d expect, there are some legal differences to buying a home in France compared to the UK, but we’ll make sure you get the support you need.

If you are solely focused on loving a new life in your French villa or quaint house, call on Prestige & Villa, the estate agents in France you can trust.

What is the procedure involved with buying French property?

The stages involved with buying a house in France include:

  • Review the luxury villas and stylish homes of France, focusing on a few select properties
  • At this stage, the buyer should start the mortgage application process, or be confident about funding
  • Arrange property viewings, which we can do on your behalf, and a survey, and then make an offer on a French property
  • When an offer has been accepted on a French home, the buyer and seller sign a preliminary contract
  • Some buyers, arrange for clauses to be placed into the preliminary contract, and we can connect you with a French notary if you would like this protection when buying a French house
  • The buyer should pay a deposit, usually 10% of the buying process, to the notary or legal professional, who will in turn pay the seller
  • In France, there is a 10-day cooling off period when buying property, once this concluded, the sale is legally binding
  • It is common for French property deals to take three to four months to conclude from this point, with notaries and legal professionals concluding searches and administrative work
  • Once everything is in place, the buyer and seller sign the final contract, and the buyer is the proud owner of French property

The stages involved with buying French property isn’t too far-removed form what you expect in the UK. There are differences of course, but as experienced estate agents, Prestige & Villa is on hand to take you from start to end when buying a luxury villa or home in France.

We are thrilled to say we have assisted many UK buyers set up a new life and home in France. If you need guidance or hands-on support in the French property market, call on Prestige & Villa, trusted estate agents in France.

How to contact Prestige & Villa

Anyone who is keen to purchase a villa or luxury house in France should contact a trusted estate agent today. You can call Prestige & Villa on 01279 358800 or why not drop us an email at

We know buying a property abroad is a major commitment. If you would like to speak to an estate agent in person, you will find Prestige & Villa at The Gables, 1 Fore Street, Old Harlow, Essex, CM17 0AA.

We have a skilled and experienced team of estate agents, and we’ll make your French property dreams come true.