Buy & Sell Luxury House & Villa in Morocco

It is easy to see why so many people from the UK want to buy property and luxury villas in Morocco. Owning an overseas home is a dream for many households, but the buying process is slightly different abroad.

To navigate the Moroccan property buying process, trust estate agents with a strong track record in helping people buy Barbadian homes. At Prestige & Villa, we are Moroccan property market specialists.

How Prestige & Villa help people buy property in Morocco

As estate agents with a strong track record with buying luxury homes in Morocco, we are the ideal professionals to help you achieve your Moroccan property ambitions. Buying a home overseas is a daunting prospect, but we make the process easier for buyers, and we look forward to assisting you.

We offer guidance, we talk you the process of Moroccan property deals, we introduce you to trusted professionals in Morocco, and we ensure the deal concludes quickly and as effortlessly as possible. When all you can focus on is enjoying the lifestyle by your pool in your Moroccan villa, you need help from trusted estate agents to buy with confidence.

What is the procedure involved with buying Moroccan property?

A quick overview of the steps involved with buying overseas property in Morocco includes:

  • Look at luxury homes and villas in Morocco, narrowing down your options
  • The buyer should have a mortgage agreed in principle, or at least be clear on what funding they have in place
  • Carry out viewings (which we can do on your behalf) and then make an offer on a Moroccan home
  • If the offer is accepted, the buyer and seller sign an initial contract
  • The buyer pays a deposit on the property, traditionally 10% of the sales price
  • The buyer arranges the mortgage
  • A notary witnesses the sales contract being signed by the buyer and seller
  • The buyer makes all final payments

As you can see, the buying process of Moroccan property isn’t that different from what is seen in the UK. Of course, there are some differences when buying property abroad, but this is why you should call on experienced estate agents to assist you.

We have helped many UK buyers purchase luxury villas and homes in Morocco, going from start to end with the buying process. To feel confident about buying your dream Moroccan home, turn to Prestige & Villa, the estate agents you can trust in Morocco.