The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Luxury Properties in Spain

It’s easy to see why so many people from the UK want to buy luxurious properties in Spain. The Spanish villa market trend is known to international property investment enthusiasts. Many families’ dream is to own luxury homes abroad. But the steps to buying a home in a different country are a little different.

Trust estate agents who have helped people buy homes in Spain before if you want to successfully finish the process of buying a home in Spain. We at Prestige & Villa are here to help you with your Spanish villa investments and other overseas property buying.

In these Spanish home buying tips, you will gain knowledge of the property for sale in Spain and the deal process.


Prestige & Villa’s Spanish Property Buying Guide

There’s something scary about the thought of buying a house in a different country. But we make the process easier for buyers, and we look forward to helping you. As estate agents who have helped many people buy luxurious properties in Spain, we are the best people to help you reach your real estate goals in Spain. 

As part of our services, our international real estate specialists can point you in the right direction, walk you through the steps of buying Spanish real estate, put you in touch with trustworthy people in Spain, and make sure the deal goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible. When all you can think about is relaxing by the pool in your Spanish villa lifestyle, you need the help of reputable real estate agents to make a purchase that you can be sure of. Secure properties for sale in Spain transactions with us at Prestige & Villa.

Steps for Purchasing Properties for Sale in Spain

A thorough summary of the process required for purchasing overseas property in Spain involves:

  • Consider exploring a variety of residential and prestigious properties for sale in Spain with the intention of refining your selection.
  • It is advisable for the buyer to have a mortgage agreed upon in principle or to have a clear understanding of the financing they have available.
  • Conduct viewings and subsequently submit an offer for a property for sale in Spain.
  • In the event that the offer is agreed upon, both the buyer and seller proceed to sign an initial contract.
  • Typically, it is customary for the buyer to provide a deposit on the property, which is commonly around 10% of the asking price.
  • The responsibility for arranging the mortgage lies with the buyer, with the help of trusted professionals in Spanish real estate.
  • A notary has the opportunity to witness the signing of the sales contract by both the buyer and seller.

You will discover that buying a house in Spain is pretty much the same as buying a house in the UK. There are some differences when you buy a house abroad, which is why you should get help from an experienced estate agent.

We have helped many people from the UK buy high-end villas and homes in Spain, helping them with the whole process. Trust Prestige & Villa, the estate agents in Spain, to help you feel good about buying your dream home there.

Your Guide to Luxurious Living 

If you’re searching for beautiful homes in the Mediterranean or on the Iberian Peninsula, we can help. 

  • Our properties for sale in Spain portfolio boasts exclusive seaside villas and resort-style homes, reflecting the elegance of Spanish architecture in prestigious neighborhoods. 
  • We offer investment opportunities, ensuring secure transactions and adherence to Spanish legalities for overseas investors. 
  • We also offer coastal living with luxury amenities and high-end interiors, perfect for expatriate living. 

With our expertise, find your dream home and get the chance for an extraordinary lifestyle by the sea.

Let us Help you Find the Perfect Properties for Sale in Spain

Simply get in touch with us at Prestige & Villa to learn how you can own a property for sale in Spain in any of these amazing cities. We’re here to help you make your dream of owning a home in one of these great cities come true. If you want to buy a home in any of Spain’s beautiful cities, including Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid, or any of the stunning coastlines, our team is ready to help you through the process. Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll help you find the perfect home in the city you want!

Live Your Dreams in Prestigious Cities

Just picture yourself living in a beautiful location such as Marbella or Barcelona, where you will find luxury homes waiting for you. Barcelona, which is located in Catalonia, is home to contemporary villas and exclusive residences, while Marbella, which is located on the Costa del Sol, is home to beautiful waterfront properties. Ibiza is home to some of the most luxurious villas and private estates in the world, while Madrid, the capital of Spain, is home to some of the most luxurious communities in the country. 

Luxury real estate can be found in Valencia, which is famous for its coastline, while the towns of Costa Brava are characterised by their picturesque luxury homes that are located by the water. Sotogrande, which is located close to Marbella, is a paradise that features golf and marina properties, whereas Mallorca, which is the largest of the Balearic Islands, is home to luxurious residences. 

Andalusia’s historic luxury homes are captivating, and the Costa del Sol, which includes Tenerife and Benahavís, offers upscale real estate options. Seville is a renowned destination for luxury real estate. These locations are appealing options for a dream home by the water because they each provide their own distinctive combination of luxurious living and breathtaking natural scenery. 

General Services for Overseas Property Deals 

  • Bespoke and first-class experience for buyers and sellers
  • Guiding clients through the property market process in France and Spain
  • Expertise in handling challenges involved in overseas property transactions
  • Simplified buying or selling process for properties abroad
  • Arrangement of luxury chauffeured airport transfers for property buyers
  • Access to trusted French and Spanish solicitors and local professionals

Services for Selling Homes

  • Global knowledge combined with local expertise for selling homes
  • Personalised service tailored to client preferences
  • Assistance in luxury property sales with a focus on the prime property market
  • Providing complete discretion and trust between buyers, sellers, and agents
  • Reviews and close collaboration with clients to ensure satisfaction

Equestrian Specialist Services

  • Expertise in equestrian properties in France and Spain
  • Assistance in finding properties suitable for equestrian activities
  • Knowledge of riding schools, polo establishments, and equestrian centres
  • Collaboration with experienced professionals in the equestrian field
  • Assistance in finding properties that align with clients’ equestrian interests and lifestyle

How Prestige & Villa Facilitates Property Buying in Spain

Guided Assistance

  • Expert Estate Agents: With a proven track record in purchasing luxury homes in Spain, Prestige & Villa serves as a trusted professional to assist in realising properties for sale in Spain aspirations.
  • Simplified Process: Recognising the complexity of buying a home overseas, the agency streamlines the process for buyers, providing comprehensive assistance throughout.

Proactive Support

  • Guidance and Introduction: Offering guidance on the nuances of Spanish property deals, the agency acquaints buyers with the purchasing procedure and introduces them to reliable professionals in Spain.
  • Efficiency in Closure: The agency ensures a swift and effortless conclusion of the deal, allowing buyers to focus on enjoying their Spanish villa’s lifestyle by the pool.

Steps Involved in Buying Properties for Sale in Spain


Property Exploration

Scanning through luxury homes and villas in Spain, narrowing down options based on preferences and requirements.


Financial Preparation

Prior to a property for sale in Spain exploration, ensuring buyers have secured mortgage pre-approval or have a clear understanding of their funding options.


Viewings and Offer

Conducting property viewings (handled by the agency upon request) and subsequently presenting offers for desired Spanish homes.


Initial Contract

Upon acceptance of the offer, the buyer and seller sign an initial contract to formalize the agreement.


Deposit Payment

The buyer commits to the purchase by paying a deposit (traditionally 10% of the sales price) for the property.


Mortgage Arrangement

Initiating the process of arranging a mortgage to facilitate the property purchase.

Notarized Contract Signing

The finalization of the sales contract witnessed by a notary, involving signatures from both the buyer and seller.

Completion and Final Payments

Completing the transaction by making the final payments to conclude the property purchase.

Trusted Partnership

  • Experienced Guidance: Having successfully assisted numerous UK buyers in acquiring luxury properties in Spain, Prestige & Villa offers comprehensive support throughout the entire buying process.
  • Confidence and Trust: To instill confidence in purchasing their dream Spanish homes, buyers can rely on Prestige & Villa, a trusted estate agency dedicated to providing reliable services in Spain.

Prestige & Villa is ready to help buyers through the whole process of buying a property for sale in Spain, making sure the deal goes smoothly and safely so they can move in Spain.